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I’ve been working with Microsoft products for over 12 years now.  I started out in the US Navy as a Nuclear Electronics Technician in South Carolina and moved in to the Microsoft consulting and training field.  Teaching MCSE 2000/2003 courses allowed me to develop presentation skills and gain a deeper understanding of Microsoft products and consulting exposed me to many different environments.  This unique position gave me the opportunity to gain book knowledge in the classroom and real-world knowledge in the field.  I also specialized in helping companies merge their Active Directory and Exchange environments.

I decided to move back to Texas to be closer to family and I took a few jobs as Senior Solution Architects at various companies.  This gave me the chance to sit in the Administrator’s seat for a few years and I found there are some things you learn to appreciate more as an Administrator than you do a consultant.  I learned how important it was to align technology with business goals and how scripting can make you a happy and lazy administrator!  After about 5 years of being a one-business man, I decided to move back into the consulting field because I get a lot of job satisfaction out of helping businesses deploy solutions that work and meet their business goals.

Once I made the jump back to consulting I decided to focus on Exchange, Active Directory, and Lync because they all seem to play in the same space and I’m very passionate about these technologies.  I focused more on Exchange last year and attempted to obtain the Microsoft Certified Master certification in Exchange 2010.  Thanks to Computex, I was able to attend the MCM training rotation in Redmond and boy what an experience that was!  It was the most information I have ever received in a three week period and very stressful even when compared to the Nuke School in the Military.  I was fortunate enough to pass the lab and written exam on the first try, so I’m very thankful for that.  This year I hope to upgrade my MCM to Exchange 2013 and continue developing my Lync and Server 2012 knowledge.

Now that the geeky stuff is out of the way, I can move on to my personal life.  I’ve been married for over 12 years and I have two daughters, and two dogs.  I’m the only male in the house besides a neutered Chihuahua, so I’m largely outnumbered.  I enjoy playing the guitar but I really love playing golf.  I’ve been told I’m a better guitar player than I am a golfer, but that’s not really saying that much.

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  1. Comment by jean-claude.beyhier@valdemarne.fr:


    We have installed Exchange 2013 includes 4 servers in Windows 2012 R2. On these servers 3 NICs.
    – 1 production (MAPI) IP network 10.110 *. *.
    – 1 network private (replication) IP: 10.30 *. *.
    – 1 BACKUP IP network: 10.40 *. *.
    Network BACKUP is totally isolated from other networks (partitioning).
    How to save banks etc. with EMC AVAMAR software by the BACKUP network?
    Can we create 2 DAGS (1 for the MAPI and 1 for BACKUP)?
    Thanks for your help.


  2. Comment by Scott Smith:

    I wanted to see if I could pay you to look at my setup. I have 3 Servers A,B,C and a W for the witness server and need you to check out the setup. I am in PA.


  3. Comment by Jiwan Sharma:

    Hi Jerrid,
    I read post on Exchange 2013 dag. It was very helpful to understand the dag in complete.
    We have two node dag in our organization and it is working fine. I was trying the databases backup with DPM 2012R2. I attached both the nodes to the dpm and create a Protection group. When DPM runs the inconsistency check on the databases while creating first replica, databases inconsistency check fails. Can you please help?

    • Jerrid Williams
      Comment by Jerrid Williams:

      Hi Jiwan,
      I have to be honest, I’m not an expert on DPM and deal more directly with Exchange, so backup and daily operational tasks are my weak areas. My customers are normally responsible for backing their servers up and I check a box when they say it’s done. I would hit up Google/Bing for that one. Chances are it’s a common issue.
      Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

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