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451 4.4.0 DNS Query Failed

Posted May 19, 2013 By Jerrid Williams

I recently was helping a customer migrate from Microsoft Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013 in the same organization and after getting Exchange 2013 installed, we started testing mail routing between 2007 and 2013.  We found that the Exchange 2013 server could route to the Exchange 2007 server, but Exchange 2007 could not route to Exchange 2013.  When looking in the Queue Viewer, we saw that all messages destined for our test mailboxes on Exchange 2013 were stuck in the Exchange 2007 Transport queue with the following status “451 4.4.0 DNS Query Failed”.  It took me a bit to find the culprit and my buddies, Google and Bing did not help too much, so I thought I’d write this up in case someone else ran across the same issue.

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Installing Exchange 2010 SP3

Posted February 13, 2013 By Jerrid Williams

If you’re familiar with Exchange and installing service packs and you stumbled across this blog by accident, you’re probably wondering why someone would blog about installing Exchange 2010 SP3. Well, I’m glad you’ve asked. The reason is that I’m sure there’s some administrators out there that are being safe and looking for confirmation that they are not going to get into a Resume Generating Event. That’s why I decided to write this and because I’ve got that kind of time.  As for you, my overly cautious IT admin, read this and have comfort that you’re in good hands.  With that said, it’s always a good idea to wait a month or so before installing a service pack just to let everyone else work out the bugs. Let’s move on…

I’ll cover things that you might want to know, suggestions for handling a CAS Array, and what you need to do when upgrading a DAG, because they should be handled differently if you want to take advantage of one of the perks of having a DAG, and that’s maximizing service to your loving end-users. I could be mean and give you the long version, but I think I’ve rambled on long enough so far and you shouldn’t have to sit through all this for free, so let’s get started.

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Can’t add a Server to the DAG that’s in another site

Posted February 9, 2013 By Jerrid Williams

I was working in my lab testing out Exchange 2013 and I ran into an issue that stopped me from adding servers in another site to my DAG.  I was able to resolve the issue and thought it might help other people that still use and love TMG!

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Creating a two node Exchange 2013 DAG

Posted February 4, 2013 By Jerrid Williams


I’m not sure how you got sucked into reading this post, but since you’re here I might as well tell you how to make your Exchange 2013 Mailbox role deployment highly available by using a Database Availability Group and I’m going to shorten that to DAG because it’s a nightmare to type.  Let’s get rockin’.

Before we get too deep into it, let’s first make sure you’re on the right plane.  This flight will take you through configuring a DAG in Exchange 2013 with two nodes in the same site to make your Mailbox role highly available.  In a later post I will be covering how to make your Exchange 2013 Mailbox role deployment site resilient by adding additional nodes in a remote location.  If you’re still with me, buckle your seatbelt and keep your hands inside the cabin at all times.
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How to install Exchange 2013 on Server 2012

Posted February 2, 2013 By Jerrid Williams

Hello, The Internets. I hope things are going well. If you’ve reached this article, you probably have selected a link on the second or third page of a search using your favorite search engine after you typed in, “How to find singles in my area.” Unfortunately you’ve reached a post on how to install Exchange 2013 on Server 2012, however, I urge you to put your social life on hold and continue reading. You never know if your next date will ask you back to their place to do an Exchange install and the last thing you want to do is look stupid when you can’t perform because you didn’t expect the install to be on Server 2012. I promise that this post will teach you how to install Exchange 2013 on Server 2012 and your date will be so impressed that they might even ask you to come back tomorrow to install Lync. Now that you’re excited, let’s get started.

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